Its a scorcher!

Hey there my beautiful people!  I hope all is well on your side of the monitor.  Things are going good over this way.  I must say that this is probably the busiest summer I’ve ever had in a very long time.  And I’m glad that I was able to squeeze in a mini shoot last Sunday.  I didn’t think this would be possible since all the plans I wanted to make happen kept falling by the wayside.  I’m learning to keep my options open and make adjustments as I go.  It does push you creatively for sure.  I don’t always like when that happens, but I’m grateful for the little ‘life lessons’ I run into when they come along.

I have to commend my model for the day, Has, and my assistant, Frank.  I tell ya these two right here were real troopers.  At the beginning of the week the forecast was calling for clouds and possible showers.  But as it were, when the day finally came it was day two of a heat wave.  (My sweat was sweating…yeah, let that marinate for a minute.  I’ll wait).  Has was a good sport to be in a full suit on a hot (and very open) rooftop in the middle of the day.  A 96-97 degree weather where the heat index made it feel like it was 102 degrees! Not the optimal photo environment, but we made it work…with plenty of water on hand!

I’m already working on the next shoot.  This just may be my season for the men…I just love them in a suit. It’s the year of the gentleman.  How can you not find that attractive?  Just look at Has…is he not looking dapper or what?!  Let me know what you think in the comments.



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