A Brand New Me!!

Hello beautiful people! Well, it has been a minute (or should I say a few hours) since I’ve last posted anything. But I am finally back! (Insert all ‘whoop whoops’, high fives, and ‘Yes, Lawd!’ here)…lol. Some of the delay was due to mechanical problems and the most recent was due to family obligations (I’ll be sure to get into that at a later date). I can honestly say that 2014 was definitely a very hard and difficult year personally. I only got around to shooting one thing last year, and that was a wedding.  I almost felt like walking away, like that creative bug just went away in me. But it didn’t. Don’t get me wrong, it rested for a minute, but once the time was right it got up and here I am!!

I’m very excited because (FINALLY) my new website will be up…2015 will be starting off nicely! The look is much cleaner and more in tuned with the direction that I would like to take my photography business into. Here’s a sneak peek:

SJCP Blog Layout-Screent Shot


So as you can see things are truly progressing this time.  Mama is ready okay!  And I hope you are too!  So what do you think?  So come April 2015, the new and improved site will be up and running!!  Yay!!!


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